Dental Hygiene Transformation

What stood out to me the most about educational foundation and changes to curricula, concerning the advancement of the profession was the increase of effort being made to create distance learning! Again, the problem was that their one only a small amount of masters programs throughout the United states (21). That is 21 out of 335 schools. Educators were becoming less and less because in order to do a masters degree, most colleges required you to go there. But now, more colleges are having distance learning courses for people to take online. This is so much more convenient because people are able to stay where they are and still learn effectively. This encourages more people to pursue the dental hygiene educators career.

If I were to be a future dental hygiene educator, this would be something that makes me really happy! Luckily, UB offers the online Masters degree already, but if I decided to live somewhere else, I would be more than able to go while still continuing my education for my masters degree. This would also make me happy because then I would encourage my students to join the educators profession! I would promote it so much because it needs to be promoted! If we want to see more students come into this field, we need more people to educate them.