The Future of Dental Hygiene

Two key points I think are important to the history of Dental hygiene and its future practices are accepting change, and continuing research. If we as the dental hygiene profession didn’t know how to accept change, we wouldn’t get anywhere. I was so impressed when I read all the articles and powerpoints about the history of dental hygiene and Dr. Fones. I realized that Dr. Fones was a dentist who was really concerned about the rate of decay in children. He realized the need for people to learn how to take care of their teeth rather than always removing them. This is a great thing. If Dr. Fones didn’t pursue his task in finding a way to prevent dental diseases, we would probably still be just going to the dentist when our teeth are rotting. Or maybe someone else would have caught the revelation that educating people on dental disease prevention is important, but we probably wouldn’t have been as far as we are today. Something that was really interesting to me is that the dentifrice that they used to use was usually liquid or powder form. Can you imagine brushing your teeth with liquid?

That fact that we were willing to accept change is crucial because if we didn’t we would never make any progress. Research is just as essential because we can’t make changes with out research.

I envision dental hygiene to change for the better in the years to come! I definitely think that with the rate of technology and research these days, things that are unknown will continue to reveal themselves. I also believe that there will be even more roles that hygienists will fall under. We may even be able to integrate with other professions. I loved learning about the advocate role. I’ve heard about it but never knew too much of it. This was really interesting to me because I love helping people and seeing that they get the best treatment possible so I think that this might be a role that I just might fall under in the future.